Boomers Day Rock Concerts

These great rock concerts are scheduled for Baby Boomers Recognition Day on August 17, 2016. Find one near you and go enjoy the evening with good music and good memories. If you prefer something closer to home, invite friends over for a party and play your favorite¬†albums, with the volume turned up. But whatever you […]

Woodstock Festival

Woodstock was one of the great moments in our growing-up years that we vividly remember even if we weren’t there. Hundreds of thousands of young Boomers converged in upstate New York for what was billed as “Three Days of Peace & Music.” From August 15th to 17th in 1969 the music rolled on and people […]

Boomer Concerts Are Coming

Bands and music artists are starting to announce their plans for concerts¬†in the week leading up to Baby Boomers Recognition Day on August 17. Among them are the band Chicago, which will be playing at First Merit Event Park in Saginaw, Michigan at 8 pm on that day. Among their greatest hits are “If You […]