Thanks to everyone

Sincere thanks go to all the good Boomers across the USA and Canada who helped to make the 2015 celebrations of Baby Boomers Recognition Day happen. And thanks to Patty McGarr for the last-minute creation of the beautiful collage shown above. You know it’s strange how often people keep trying to sell us on the […]

Rock Concerts for Boomers

Concerts by major rock artists and bands have been arranged for the weekend leading up to Baby Boomers Recognition Day. There are twenty of them, and they are playing in so many places that there may beĀ one near you. Check it out — this is a great way to enjoy an evening with lots of […]

Hard Rock Cafe

As Baby Boomers we’ve always been fairly independent, going our own way on many things. Why should Baby Boomers Recognition Day be any different? People all over the country are setting up their own celebrations, going to concerts, or just getting together with friends on June 21. And one of the popular places to meet […]